The Wonder of Fulfilled Prophecy
and the Dawn of a New Hope

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This three-act play, written and directed by Dr. Alan Niquette, gives a unique look at the person of Jesus Christ through the eyes of the parents of John the Baptist.

Act 1  Opens in the living room of a contemporary couple, Carl and Milly. Their breakfast conversation will make you smile.  She wants him to go with her to church; he'd rather go to the Cascade View Lodge.  She knows something he doesn't.  But the light is about to dawn...

Act 2  Takes place in the home of Zacharias and Elizabeth, parents of four-year-old John.  Share in the joy and delight of an old woman who gave birth to a son after years of barrenness.   He is an unusual little boy.  Even Yosiah, a cranky member of the household, can't help loving the little guy.

Act 3  Meet Zacharias, a Levitical priest and elderly father of John.  He is excited!  He's been searching the sacred Hebrew writings for some answers.   And he has made a discovery so wonderful he now questions, "How could I have overlooked something so obvious as this!?"   What has this old priest discovered?

Elizabeth playfully distracts Zacharias from revealing his discovery.  But soon, she too is caught up in the wonder of it all.

Become one of the curious guests who have heard tales from Anna and Simeon--stories so filled with hope and promise, you simply must hear more!

Bruce Peterson, pastor, made this comment after seeing Sunrise! at First Baptist Church, Newport, Oregon:  "Sunrise! was innovative and enjoyable!  The Bible comes to life, with a clear presentation of the gospel through the medium of drama."



Scenes from Sunrise!, Act 3