He Makes Me Laugh
A Message of Faith and Hope

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"A delightful comedy with a serious message."

  "There's a bug in my cup!"
  A Playful Moment
"I was choking on my bitterness."

"Watch it!  They Spit!"

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"A delightful comedy with a serious message."


This is a one-act stageplay filled with bright humor, music, a colorful stage setting, and a couple of wacky characters.  The message is clear:  God is totally worthy of our total trust!

The Setting: A nomad's tent -- the dwelling place of Abraham and Sarah -- pitched in the land of the Philistines.

The Time: Between four and nine years after the birth of Isaac. Sarah laughed in unbelief when the Lord said she would conceive and bear a son (Gen. 18:12). She was ninety years old, and had been barren all her life. The very idea was incredible!

However, a year later Sarah came to believe God would actually do this great miracle before the miracle happened (Hebrews 11:11).  When Isaac was born, she laughed with great joy and said, "Everyone who hears will laugh with me" (Gen. 21:6).  What changed Sarah from laughing in unbelief to believing God could do this great miaracle, before the miracle happened?

He Makes Me Laugh, an original play written and directed by Dr. Alan R. Niquette answers this question.  Sarah (played by Beth Niquette) will tell her own story.  The program, about 50-55 minutes, will strengthen the faith of believers and encourage those who struggle with doubt.

Dr. Gary Bassham, Pastor
After seeing the debut at Grace Baptist Church, Salem, OR