Announcing a Fresh Approach to
Community Outreach

We now offer three Sunday Morning messages that present the biblcial  basis for creative arts ministry and how drama can enhance worship and evangelism.  Here's how it works. 

  • Sunday morning Bible Message regarding how drama can be used as a powerful medium for presenting the gospel.
  • A concluding appeal for attendees to bring a guest to one of our feature dramas that same Sunday evening drama.
  • That afternoon church members seek out, invite and bring a family member, neighbor, friend or co-worker to the evenung drama.

Each message concludes with this appeal:  Often, after performing one of our feature dramas, attendees will say to me at the reception line, "I wish I had brought...(fill in family, neighbor, friend)."  Don't let this happen to you.  Bring that someone tonight to see...(fill in title of the scheduled evening drama).

A Mission We Share in Common with Local Churches

Message Option 1
Ezekiel, What Are You Doing!?
Based on Passages in Ezekiel

  • The DDM vision for biblical drama ministry, filled with dramatic stylings and bright humor.
  • A strong encouragement for believers to discover their own spiritual gifts.
  • An understanging that every believer has a role is bringing Christ to those around them.

Message Option 2
Of Goads and Well-Driven Nails
Based on Ecclesiastes 12

  • The value of creativity in Bible teaching, worship and evangelism.
  • A powerful encorsement of  the ongoing Bible teaching of local pastors.
  • A strong encouragement for believers of all ages to commit to faithful, regular church attendance.
  • A dramatic conclusion people will never forget, resulting in A PASSION FOR TRUTH.
  • Listen to this message:  Click on AUDIO LINK BELOW.

Message Option 3
Of Angels and Axeheads
Based on Selected Passages

  • What we can expect when we pray "In Jesus name."
  • Some remarkable true stories of answered prayer.
  • More to come, as this new presentation is developed.....

A Passion for Truth
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