Beyond the Passion
A Shocking Confession...
...and a Surprising Response

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ACT 1 is a contemporary comedy that takes place in a graveyard. A father and his two daughters have come to place flowers on Momma’s grave. Under a late-night moon the children shiver as they ponder matters of life, death and the grave.

Their father is talking to them about the resurrection of Jesus and the hope of eternal life. The oldest daughter finds that idea deeply comforting; the younger finds it unbelievable. "Sweetheart, I am your father, and I love you very much. I could never make you believe these things. But I will pray for the rest of my life that some day you will." Lights fade and the scene closes. Will this little girl ever believe?

ACT 2 takes place in the catacombs of Rome, where the church holds its meetings in secret, because of severe persecution commended by Nero.  The meeting is led by a disciple named Justin.  They have a decision to make, but the meeting is interupted by a young servant girl, Modemia.  She whispers her message to Justin so loud, the whole assembly can hear, "He's dying and he needs you right now!"

ACT 3 takes place in the days of Nero, shortly after the close of the New Testament era. The setting is the home of an old Roman soldier, who is in a coma, on his death bed. Periodically he stirs -- restlessly -- desperately trying to say something. He has a confession to make, and he refuses to talk to anyone but a certain disciple of Jesus, named Justin.  His aged comrade, at the foot of the bed, pleads with him to keep silent. The old soldier’s daughter listens with amazement to hear a shocking confession and a surprising response.

Is there any hope for this old man, who has committed one of the most horrible crimes imaginable? Can he be forgiven, even in the last moments of his life? The dying man clutches the robe of the disciple, shaking furiously. Slowly his clenched fist relaxes and falls, as the old man exhales his last breath. What decision did he make?

EPILOGUE: Come prepared for a surprise finish!

RUNNING TIME:   65-75 minutes.  

SETUP TIME:  Four hours.     ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS: Three men.



Originally Known as...
Confession of a Dying Man
A Shocking Confession and a Surprising Response

Also Known as...

Legacy of a Faithful Father
Touching Lives to the Third Generation! Great for Father's Day Celebrations.

Midnight in a Graveyard
Harvest Festival and Halloween Season Version
"The bright light of the resurrection pierces the darkness that pervades typical Halloween events."

In One Moment of Faith
Thanksgiving Season Version
The greatest reason for giving thanks!