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We are “Fired Up” in more ways than one!  We are in the middle of the Greatest Adventure in our 22 years of drama ministry.  The Lord has opened up a wide variety of exciting opportunities to touch hearts and lives for Christ and for eternity.  We greatly appreciate your loving interest and prayers for what's coming.  Many of you have e-mailed, or called inquiring why they have not received Dramatic News! Online for such a long time.  When you discover what has been happening in the past three months we are certain you will understand our "silence."  Rather than offer a detailed description of events in recent days, here is a brief sketch of what we mean by "Fired Up."   Then, over the next several days we will fill in the details. 


JBLM:  We have two opportunities to perform So, You're Paul at Joint Base Lewis-McChord on Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10.  This will be the most challenging project we have undertaken in the history of DDM.  Our next issue of Dramatic News! Online will focus on this exciting event. Please pray for us and all those we will be serving on the Base.
In our Hometown:  We are booked to performSo, You're Paul at Calvary Chapel in Independence, Oregon on Friday, April 27 at 7 PM.  This will be the Sunday after the Easter Holiday.

Casting Calls:  As of this writing, we have a full team of godly, gifted performers for So, You're Paul, both for Calvary Chapel on April 27 and for Joint Base Lewis-McChord on May 9 and 10.  At Bethel Baptist Church in Aumsville on Sunday morning, January 29, a new member of our VTeam made a "surprise appearance" as Paul the Apostle.  At the curtain call, Alan pointed to this gentleman and said, "This morning he is the message."  (We will explain more in a forthcoming issue of Dramatic News ! Online.)  We are pleased to announce that this wonder new actor will make a special guest appearance at our Calvary Chapel performance on April 27.  If you can possibly join us, we would be delighted to see you there.  Calvary Chapel is the first store front East of Roth’s Supermarket.

Broken Heart – Healed Life:  Beth was privileged to serve as featured speaker at a Ladies Retreat an hour and a half northeast of Mount Vernon, Washington.  Her theme was Journey to Joy.  About 60 ladies were in attendance, many dealing with heavy concerns.  In addition to several Bible messages, Beth performed a new reader’s theater style drama, in costume and character.  One woman said, “I forgot it was you.”  Another said, “It was like going back into another time.”  Still another broke into tears, said, “This drama has changed my life.”  The dramatic sketch included a beautiful prop given to DDM – truly priceless!  The prop itself conveyed a heart-warming message.  You will be delighted to learn more in an upcoming article by Beth.

From Performing Art to Fine Art:   Along with her acting and singing skills, as a gifted artist Beth has three wonderful blog sites, touching thousands of lives around the world.  For several years she has had followers in the USA, Russia, Pakistan, the UK, Israel, Austria and several other countries. 

Chimney Fire:  We are also fired up, praising the Lord for His grace in sparing us the loss of our home to a serious chimney fire on February 27.  For the past four weeks we have been dealing with smoke damage recovery teams, contractors and our insurance provider.  Beth managed the recovery crews while Alan made extended roundtrips to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and two Pastor’s Conferences.

Electrical Fire:  24 hours after the main chimney fire, the Lord awakened Beth at 2:00 AM and prompted her to go downstairs to the back of the house.  She opened a closet door and discovered a breaker box (a sub panel which serves Alan's office) arching, sparking, and sizzling.  Eight circuit breakers were burning up and melting down.  We were moments away from another serious house fire.  Thank God for His protection!

We Are Fired Up Because:  Through all of this we see the grace of our wonderful Lord. 

Good News and Bad News:  A dear Friend said to Alan recently, "Your lives look like a Good-News/Bad-News joke – except the punch line is really serious!"  In January, while Alan was directing a rehearsal for So, You're Paul, he called for "fade to black."  Then, in a darkened auditorium he stepped off the church stage and hit the floor, sustaining injuries to his back, left shoulder and left knee.  Praise the Lord!  Alan held up pretty well for a guy about to turn 71.  In six weeks shoulder and back recovered remarkably.  His left knee suffered a medial meniscus tear and Alan is scheduled for surgery mid-May. 

Your prayers for Alan, that evenwith this injury, he will be able to complete the ministry at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, May 9 and 10th, will be greatly appreciated.  And continue to rejoice with us.  Our lives are filled with more good news than bad – because by God's grace even the "bad news" can be turned to His glory.

Thank you again and again for your interest and your prayers.  The adventure continues…

May our wonderful Lord bless each of you in many wonderful ways.

Yours in His grace,

Alan and Beth

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