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If you have subscribed to Dramatic News! Online, you will receive...

*  Periodic email newsletters similar to our snail-mail version, but with color pictures and hyperlinks to special stories.

*  Charming and humorous brief stories about current things God is doing through this ministry.

*  Notification when we are coming to your area for a performance, including — date, time and location.

*  Special promotional offers that might be of interest.

If you are not yet a subscriber, and would like to receive Dramatic News! Online, just Send an Email Request.  (If this link does not open your email program, simply click Contact Us.)

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NO JUNK MAIL:  We do not send subscribers a bunch of jokes, political commentaries, etc.

PRIVACY:  We always use Bcc… [“Blind Copy…”]  instead of Cc…, to protect the identity of our recipients.  That way no one will ever see your name, or your email address, in the "Sent-To.." list.

You can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time, with no questions asked.

Oh, and one more thing —  and please understand our heart on this one!   DDM is a non-profit organization.  Newsletters and  Emails will often include references to financial needs, as well a current praises and prayer requests.  We are grateful for the interest you have expressed by signing up to receive Dramatic News! Online.  But please, do not feel “targeted” in any way for financial support.  We value your interest and prayers. 

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